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Camp Ramah is a network of summer camps in the US, Canada and Israel, and is connected with USCJ (United Synagogue of Conservative Judaism). USCJ is the major congregational organization of the Conservative movement in North America.


Ramah Sexual Abuse Suit Reopened For Child Victims Act

"'I was trying to punish myself for putting myself in this position and not doing anything about it,' one of the plaintiffs told the New York Daily News anonymously. He said that the incident drove him to substance abuse issues and suicide attempts. 'The fact is: This went on for years and nobody stopped it.'"

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Sexual abuse case against Conservative Jewish camp to be reopened

"'The camp knew, but they still kept the counselor on,' Gourarie said."

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EXCLUSIVE: Man sexually abused as teen in 1972 files suit against camp that employed counselor who abused him and others: ‘Nobody stopped it’

"His alleged abuser — Harvey Erlich — had gone on to sexually abuse four other boys. Finally, he was forced to take a stand."

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DOE v. NATIONAL RAMAH COM | No. 16-cv-6869 (NSR). | 20180910a82

"Erlich's sexual abuse of the campers allegedly began on June 28, 1971 when he sexually assaulted numerous Camp Ramah children. Soon thereafter, such conduct was 'reported to Camp Ramah officials', including some of the Defendants. Defendants, however, failed to take any action against Erlich."

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